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IMTT X Tradesoft CQB-kurssi 6.-7.5.2023 @Turku

IMTT ja Tradesoft järjestävät yhdessä CQB-kurssin Turussa toukokuun ensimmäisenä viikonloppuna!

Date: May 6th & 7th 2023

Location: Turku Finland

Course Length: 2 days practcal applicaton, 8 hours Zoom lecture, total 24 hours. This class will be limited to 10 students only!

Course Cost: 350 Euros PAY VIA PayPal 100 euros, do not send full amount / to MONTEIMTT@GMAIL.COM

Students will provide:

  • Tactical flashlight
  • Clear eye protection

IMTT will provide:

  • Training aids
  • Targets
  • Student manual
  • Certificate of training
  • All weapons

Course Description:

This is a tactics course; designed for the public, Police officer, or military member that wants to improve their skills. This class will prepare you to clear structures safer and more efficiently. We will focus on clearing structures / buildings IE houses, out buildings and apartments. This is not a dynamic entry team SWAT type CQB course. The class focuses on the single person, who must for whatever reason clear a building to exit, locate friends or family, and or secure the location safely without support of others. This is not a team tactics course. You will be subjected to high levels of stress and must operate in varying light conditions including total darkness. This course emphasizes ability to safely move with a handgun under varying lighting conditions, safely clear structures alone, while making proper use of force decisions. The objective to safely clearing locations, apply proper tactics throughout the clearing based on a dynamic changing environment, and address threats as required prudently.


Mistakes of search & clear operatons and misconceptons. Tactcs consideratons of clearing operatons, hard angles, distance and stand off concerns, effect of human tming on responses, entry fundamentals, clearing without entry, limited entry, and deep entry methods. Port evaluaton, hasty port evaluaton, and rapid port evaluaton. Safety consideratons, equipment priorites, compressed engagements, low light entry concerns and methods

Instructor Bio:

Primary professional experience is as a Peace ofcer (27 ½ years of service) and SWAT (HRT) member & team leader (22½ years). Military experience as a US Marine, US Army Infantry & sniper, and US Army Special Operatons Forces (actve and reserve 32 years). Completed the Los Angeles Police Department advanced SWAT School, Los Angeles county basic SEB / SWT SWAT school, ST#3 APlt. US Navy SEAL CQB Course, numerous High Risk warrant service and building search courses. Serving numerous high risk warrants and conducted dozens of building entry & searches for violent felons. While serving on his departments SWAT team, he became the state of Ca. Master instructor, for SWAT teams within his state unit, over 650 personnel state-wide. Partcipated in multple combat, foreign & domestic, counter-narcotc missions and US border operatons; combat operatons with US, Dutch, and French 1st SAS Special Forces including the elite French “Commandos Hubert”. Further working as a contractor in High-risk protecton teams with heads of state, and clients throughout the world. Still working as a contractor, consultant and court certfed expert on Use of force, training and firearms.